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Modern Music for Children: Maestro-in-the-Making No more outdated music books and complicated school material – kids can have fun when learning music too! MusicaNeo launched a new educational initiative aiming at making music studies more interactive and comprehensive for children. With the global musicians’ community efforts joined, we have created a unique sheet music book of modern pieces "Maestro-in-the-Making" to enrich the standard school program. The work behind this edition is immense, and we truly hope it will pay off by reaching as many kids worldwide as possible. It wouldn’t have come true but for the involvement of unindifferent contributors who supported the project at its crowd-funding stage and, of course, the creative work of contemporary composers who responded to the call and took time to compose original music works. The digital booklet that was being prepared and created with so much care and responsibility is now available for free download to the public. MusicaNeo invites you to make the most of this exclusive collection and use it for your own benefit as well as for helping to expand the mission – let contemporary music meet children at all corners of the world!

Game of Thrones Sheet Music

Game of Thrones Music Theme. Reign over Westeros! The first notes of this Epic (and it’s justly the word for it) music theme are now immediately recognizable by millions of people worldwide, and those are not only the fans of the famous TV series that took the planet by storm. The dramatic and powerful opening theme of "Game of Thrones" can easily sweep you in anticipation of the battle over Westeros. Unexplainable shivers down the spine and cutting off all means of communication to settle comfortably in front of the screen – for the fans, and the complex, impressive and catchy composition– for musicians. Hardly has any of the recent TV series openers been covered as vastly and as diversely as Ramin Djawadi's composition. It went through all possible music genres, it seems, from light jazzy arrangements to brutal metal. Even the Queen’s Royall Guards surprised the public with their own rendition of the piece. Some of the covers are truly amazingly but nothing could surpass the goose-bumpy original score of this emotional music composition. MusicaNeo will keep it safe and untouched for you – you can play your own Game of Thrones!

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  • «It's of big rarity today that you can have basically all a musician might need in one place and at hand. WIth MusicaNeo, it's easy to act on both sides of the music industry: as a performer, I can make use of the enormous sheet music archive to master my piano playing skills, and on the other hand, I can try myself as an amateur composer and share my compositions with other members of the musicicans community for review and constructive criticism. Amazing service! »

    — George, composer, arranger, Australia

  • « I sing in choir and am in constant need of music scores. Your music platform became my lucky find as it virtually has the biggest selection of sheet music to choose from! What's even more pleasant is the rates - well laid-out quality scores for so little (I've shopped in many places so I can compare!). Thank you for the decent service you are providing - it makes me wanna come back for scores again and again! »

    - Amanda, singer, arranger, UK

  • «I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to MusicaNeo team for supporting me in my creative music endeavors! But for this fantastic platform I wouldn't be able to give a tangible impulse to my compositional strivings! The personal site I was equipped with helped me to give my music an awesome highlight online and share my sheet music with the world. The assistance you give to composers is incredibly appreciated! »

    - Samuel, composer, pianist, USA

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Trio for sopranino, alto and tenor recorders “Sir Christopher’s Gaillarde” by Annie Helman. “To my delight, I have found that the recorder is enjoying a fine comeback,” Ms. Helman said. “For many years it had a reputation as a “beginner’s instrument”, not to be played a minute longer than necessary! I hope this gaillarde, played on all recorders by my friend Louis Lima – and the other recorder works on my YouTube and MusicaNeo pages – will dispute this unfortunate theory.”
Michael Reichenbach

Michael Reichenbach Composer, arranger

Michael Reichenbach is a German composer and arranger. He started off as a classical guitar player but with time he has deeply fallen in love with the mandolin. Michael is a physicist, but also an active performer, conductor and teacher of both mandolin and guitar. He studied musicology in Freiburg, Germany, participated in various seminars and took private music lessons. Today, Michael tries to master as many music genres as possible – bluegrass, jazz, folk and others. He has published several books on mandolin and guitar method, collects rare music scores, and keeps two blogs dedicated to these instruments. At Michael Reichenbach’s personal site at MusicaNeo you can find his own compositions and arrangements never published before.

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