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Fifty Pieces for Piano Students by Ernst Levy

Piano teachers, your attention please! Not many people know today that the composer Ernst Levy was primarily perceived as a highly-gifted pianist in his lifetime (after all he studied with Hans Huber in Basel). After immigrating to the United States, therefore, of course, many teaching posts were waiting for him, leaving Levy with ambivalent feelings: On the one hand, each class was a welcome and much-needed source of income, on the other hand, a duty which he, especially with beginners, only reluctantly fulfilled. Between 1951-1953, while working at the University of Chicago, he composed 50 small pieces for beginners. This is a bit surprising when you know that at this time Levy gave only rarely lessons. Even if the precise reason for the creation of these works is not known, the underlying motivation for Levy is obvious: it is nothing less than Bartok's ‚Microcosm’. Bartok’s cycle is rightly considered a brilliant milestone in the piano schools of the 20th century – one cannot be but amazed to see that Levy's Fifty Pieces for Piano Students keep the level easily, in some aspects even surpass Bartok! MusicaNeo is proud to make this long-lost, but definitely epochal collection now available to the public. We believe that piano teachers and amateur players around the world will benefit from Levy's works, and now have a phenomenal addition to the pieces for beginners already known.


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  • « Finally, I have discovered MusicaNeo to download sheet music! A website with a remarkably interesting offer and an impressive choice of free sheet music. You notice immediately that here people with a great love for music are at work. »

    — Karin, student, violinist

  • « I’ve forever been looking for a chance to get in touch with the composer whose music I perform and can now even support his creative work by purchasing his sheet music and performing rights directly from him. Thanks to your platform I can discuss all the performing issues with him and ask for his opinion about my interpretation, no matter what country he lives in. One could only dream of such an opportunity before. »

    - Ethan, performer, amateur violoncellist

  • « I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for the creativity and talent contemporary composers present on this platform! I’ve always been deeply interested in seeing new compositions appear, especially new sheet music for the piano. For me it’s not relevant who the author of the work is – a renowned composer or a beginner - the most important thing is that their music brings me joy. »

    - Daniel, BA student, pianist

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Romantic piano love song Touch The Skin from the album Piano Songs Volume 2 composed by Adrian Webster (CrusaderBeach Piano Music). You can find this and many other his compositions on MusicaNeo!
Serenity Studio

Serenity Studio Music studio

Serenity Studio is the name of a music studio that was started and is run by a family from Columbus, Ohio. The husband-and-wife team focuses on creating all possible kinds of relaxing piano music for sleep, music therapy, stress reduction, meditation, yoga and what not. Serenity Studio has released a few CDs, has over 60 thousands of followers and millions of hits at YouTube. The studio’s feature artist – Sean Beeson – is an award-winning media composer, primarily of film and game music, who scored over 60 games, numerous TV shows, and short films and whose soundtracks were recorded by the Berlin and Moravian Philharmonic Orchestras, to name a few. Now his compositions Moondrops, Morning Light and The Path are available at MusicaNeo!

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