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CLARINET SOLO W/PIANO Gary Mosse 12 Jan 2017

Digital sheets editor Hirwa Florent, Rwanda 07 Dec 2016

Broadway style composer needed Brook Side, United States of America 26 Apr 2016

Band memebr Gregan Wortman, United States of America 21 Apr 2016

My assistance Michael Li, Hong Kong 10 Feb 2016

Transciber needed Dov Rosenschein, United States of America 28 Oct 2013

Conductor wanted Dov Rosenschein, United States of America 13 Jun 2013

Translator wanted Dov Rosenschein, United States of America 13 Jun 2013

Special offer Daniel Mihai, Romania 22 May 2013

Need help with notation Randolf Smeets (The Phlod-Nar), Belgium 18 Dec 2012

Forming a Wind Ensemble Jonathan Frost, United States of America 01 Aug 2012

International Call for Composers - Portugal Zoltan Paulinyi, Portugal 26 Jan 2012

International Call for Composers (December 2011) Zoltan Paulinyi, Portugal 13 Nov 2011

Forming a Band Emmanuel A. Cortes, United States of America 25 Oct 2011

Curriculum Synthesis Pablo Moya, United States of America 25 Aug 2011

Call for educational material Melanie Lussem, Switzerland 18 Aug 2011

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