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Title Composers   Genre
12 to 12 Vibe Johnson E. Rock
12 Tonadillas en estilo antiguo. No.6 El mirar de la Maja Granados E. Classical: Arrangement
12 Tunes for Violin Duet Dale G.A. Classical: Instrumental
13 (Choral Highlights from The Broadway Musical) Brown J.R. Film / TV / Show: Broadway
13 cycles - normal flight, Op.13 Kopenkov O. Classical: Piece
13 (Megadeth) Mustaine D., Karkazis J. Rock: Metal
13 Steps by Daniel Mihai Mihai D. Classical: Piece
14 Christmas Carols Händel G.F., Mendelssohn-Bartholdy F., folklore, Gruber F.X., Wade J.F. Classical: Arrangement
14 Easy Tunes for Guitar Beethoven L.v., Foster S.C., folklore, Poulton G.R. Classical
14 Fun Duets folklore Classical: Piece
14 Puccini's operatic arias for voices and piano Puccini G. Classical: Opera
14 Serial Etudes for Clarinet Solo Kristinkov S. Classical: Contemporary
15 Canons for Viola and Cello Grigg J. Classical: Chamber music
15 Christmas Carols Mendelssohn-Bartholdy F., folklore, Gruber F.X., Holst G., Wade J.F. Classical: Chamber music
15 Etudes modernes, elegantes et progressives pour la Flute Gariboldi G. Classical: Etude
15 Short Studies for 2 part Children's Choir Yakkey J. Classical: Choral music
15 Years (The Levellers) Heather C., Cunningham J., Sevink J., Chadwick M., Friend S. Rock
16 Days (Whiskeytown) Adams R. Country
16 Dollars (Volbeat) Poulsen M. Rock: Metal
16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six Waits T. Rock
16 tons - for men's voices folklore, Cruise-Johnston A. World / Ethnic: American
17 Again (Eurythmics) Lennox A., Stewart D.A. Rock
17 (Kings of Leon) Followill A.C., Followill J., Followill M., Followill N. Rock
17 (The Smashing Pumpkins) Corgan B. Rock
18 Moby Pop

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