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Title Composers   Genre
11 Studies for Solo Viola Grigg J. Classical: Method
11am (Incubus) Katunich A., Boyd B., Einziger M. Rock: Alternative
12 Colourful Preludes De Lain E. Classical: Contemporary
12 Esquisses Caractéristiques. Petite Valse, Op.101 No.1 Tarenghi M. Classical: Piece
12 Estudios speciales para el desarollo de la mano izquierda, Op.60 Zabalza D. Classical: Etude
12 Etudes - Caprices Chavagnat E. Classical: Etude
12 Magical Month - 12 easy piano pieces Labsch S. Classical: Piece
12 Prelude's for Contraforte and Piano Verheul M. Classical: Chamber music
12 Pulses for Classical Guitar Lohr T. Classical
12 Reasons Why I Love Her (My Life Story) Turner D., Shillingford J., Seipel P., Wray S. Rock
12 Sabbath Songs Rosenschein D. Classical: Choral music
12 Studies for Guitar Panagopoulos T. Classical: Etude
12 Studies, Op.119 Mayer C. Classical: Etude
12 to 12 Vibe Johnson E. Rock
12 Tonadillas en estilo antiguo. No.6 El mirar de la Maja Granados E. Classical: Arrangement
12 Tunes for Violin Duet Dale G.A. Classical: Instrumental
13 (Choral Highlights from The Broadway Musical) Brown J.R. Film / TV / Show: Broadway
13 cycles - normal flight, Op.13 Kopenkov O. Classical: Piece
13 (Megadeth) Mustaine D., Karkazis J. Rock: Metal
13 Steps by Daniel Mihai Mihai D. Classical: Piece
14 Christmas Carols Händel G.F., Mendelssohn-Bartholdy F., folklore, Gruber F.X., Wade J.F. Classical: Arrangement
14 Easy Tunes for Guitar Beethoven L.v., Foster S.C., folklore, Poulton G.R. Classical
14 Fun Duets folklore Classical: Piece
14 Puccini's operatic arias for voices and piano Puccini G. Classical: Opera
14 Serial Etudes for Clarinet Solo Kristinkov S. Classical: Contemporary

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