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Perfect Wedding

Perfect Song for a Perfect Wedding Along with the “Shape of You” and “Galway Girl”, the waltz-like love song “Perfect” made the year 2017 the most successful for the British pop music star Ed Sheeran. The singer’s only aim, as he confessed in an interview, was to beat his most famous song “Thinking Out Loud” as he feared he could stay a one-hit author. And he did reach it, shamelessly exploiting the numerous charts worldwide and finally having “Perfect” named the No.1 Christmas song of the year by 2018. For those who couldn’t have enough of the original composition, five more official versions were released, suited to every fancy. Among them, the collaboration with Beyoncé titled “Perfect Duet” and the unexpected yet stunning duet with the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli that was recorded under the “Perfect Symphony” title. The song immediately got onto the cover bands’ lists and begot hundreds of arrangements by bands like The Piano Guys, among others. If you are planning or get married any time soon, you might have already considered playing “Perfect” or at least include it into the night’s playlist. Why not, even the royal couple of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have picked Sheeran’s sincere confession-song as their wedding song for May 2018.

A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years, a Thousand Voices Crying like a baby over the books of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Christina Perri could hardly imagine she would be the one to write and perform the main song for her favourite novel, a song that would make the whole world play and sing along. Although just a credit song, “A Thousand Years” got more affection from the fans than any of the major scenes’ tracks, so after being re-recorded for the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” it becomes a true franchise’ anthem. Stepping into the love story of Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s film characters (and inspired by their real-life romance too), Christina Perri managed to pen an epic curtain-fall song. A perfect romantic setting, a fear of love that is easy to relate to, and a catchy melody make “A Thousand Years” a very performer-friendly composition. It has already got over a dozen of professional covers and became one of the most often-performed tunes at the wedding ceremonies. Whether you need an instrumental solo or an accompaniment for a vocalist, we have you covered – almost 40 printable music scores to choose from.

Customers' Testimonials
  • «It’s been great honor doing business with you for the last 5 years. Publishing my first music scores at the personal site here I couldn’t think it would go this far. I can now boast of a fully-equipped functional online store, a place where performers come to get the sheet music to my works, and it’s amazing! To say that my expectations have been exceeded is to say the least. Can’t but mention the financial side – the freedom of price formation is precious. It’s not that easy to find a reliable music publishing service that would be altogether effective without depriving authors of their rights. Thank you for all you do for composers.»

    — Richard, composer, Switzerland

  • «I bookmarked the sheet music catalogue of MusicaNeo about three years ago and it’s still there among the first websites in my browser. I do love getting my scores here as it’s always safe and consistent. Moreover, I know I will get the version I need; and even if it’s not there at the moment, it will be published in the shortest time, they keep updating the archive every day. I am lucky to play the best instrument in the world – piano, so it’s not a problem to find the score to virtually any composition I like. However, I noticed there’s a great variety of rare instrument combinations here. The choice of choral music is impressive too! Keep it up, guys.»

    — Paul, pianist, UK

  • «I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to your outstanding platform! Teaching piano to the 7 graders can be a tough mission at times so I’m grateful for the variety of easy and educational sheet music you offer. Putting aside the classical favourites, let’s admit that kids learn faster and have more interest in performing the music they keep hearing every day, therefore it’s always a lot of fun to play the modern pieces I print off Musicaneo.»

    — Cary, 7th grade teacher, USA

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"Falling Snow" (Piano and Background) from the album "Phantasia Mea" by Vladimir Sterzer. You can download the sheet music of Vladimir Sterzer at MusicaNeo.
Luca Moscardi

Luca Moscardi Composer, Arranger, Pianist

Luca Moscardi is a composer, arranger and pianist coming from Ancona, a city on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Luca graduated from Gioachino Rossini Music Conservatory in Pesaro, Italy, majoring in piano. Now he composes classical music and makes piano transcriptions of popular songs trying to prove that a good transcription can perfectly work as an independent music work. In Luca’s piano covers, one can find the influence of jazz, blues and pop music, all beautifully interfused with the classical base. The sheet music of both original compositions and popular arrangements mostly for piano solo can be downloaded from the personal site of the musician at MusicaNeo. In order to listen to the full recordings of the original pieces and arrangements by Luca Moscardi, you can search YouTube by his stage name Lucamadeus.

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