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Glorious Day

What a Day That Will Be The worst often strikes unexpectedly and finds us at a great loss, especially when it’s about losing forever someone we love. One can never be ready enough to face it but has to find somewhere the strengths to go on. For Jim Hill, the sickness of his mother-in-law was a turning point in his life, as a Christian and as a composer. Puzzling over the life’s injustice that hit his family, Jim tried to visualize a glorious day when everyone would be free from suffering. The lyrics of the song he drafted in a burst of inspiration on a random piece of cardboard turned into the hymn “What a Day That Will Be”. Hill’s emotional live performances of the song with the Golden Keys Quartet were always warmly met by the public. The perfectly captured comforting thought of a day “when God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying” made the song a Gospel music gem but most importantly – an encouraging anthem for many people in times of hardship. The composition caught on, filling human hearts and practice rooms. While today it’s available in various digital formats – downloadable PDF, printable score, with voice or as an instrumental solo – the piece is most often played on the piano, violin and guitar. We suggest checking out our interactive sheet music version of Jim Hill’s famed hymnal that can be instantly printed out for practicing.

Piano Waltz

Erik Satie’s Seductive Waltz Je Te Veux A simple “I Want You” is the English title of Satie’s most romantic and instantly recognizable song “Je Te Veux”. This 3/4 time waltz is nothing like other works by the eccentric composer (generally much darker and somber in mood), but ironically, this cheery stand-out is his most popular composition to play. What also makes it unusual and attractive for the performers is an obvious dichotomy of the sentimental and nostalgic melody and the exotic lyrics by Henry Pacory – erotic and blatantly sensual. “May your body be mine, and may all my flesh be yours”, appeals the author romanticizing the past. Satie originally composed three score versions – voice and piano, brass orchestra and full orchestra. The sheet music for piano solo that is so loved today appeared much later and has an additional section after the 2nd chorus prolonging the beautiful melody and letting the listener fully taste the nostalgia feel. The piece is often performed on guitar, violin, flute, but the piano solo arrangement remains the top favorite. Feel free to download the PDF sheet music to Eric Satie’s melancholic waltz “Je Te Veux” in our catalogue and enjoy playing the timeless French classic.

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  • «It’s been great honor doing business with you for the last 5 years. Publishing my first music scores at the personal site here I couldn’t think it would go this far. I can now boast of a fully-equipped functional online store, a place where performers come to get the sheet music to my works, and it’s amazing! To say that my expectations have been exceeded is to say the least. Can’t but mention the financial side – the freedom of price formation is precious. It’s not that easy to find a reliable music publishing service that would be altogether effective without depriving authors of their rights. Thank you for all you do for composers.»

    — Richard, composer, Switzerland

  • «I bookmarked the sheet music catalogue of MusicaNeo about three years ago and it’s still there among the first websites in my browser. I do love getting my scores here as it’s always safe and consistent. Moreover, I know I will get the version I need; and even if it’s not there at the moment, it will be published in the shortest time, they keep updating the archive every day. I am lucky to play the best instrument in the world – piano, so it’s not a problem to find the score to virtually any composition I like. However, I noticed there’s a great variety of rare instrument combinations here. The choice of choral music is impressive too! Keep it up, guys.»

    — Paul, pianist, UK

  • «I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to your outstanding platform! Teaching piano to the 7 graders can be a tough mission at times so I’m grateful for the variety of easy and educational sheet music you offer. Putting aside the classical favourites, let’s admit that kids learn faster and have more interest in performing the music they keep hearing every day, therefore it’s always a lot of fun to play the modern pieces I print off Musicaneo.»

    — Cary, 7th grade teacher, USA

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Concert for cymbals and chamber orchestra by the modern Belarusian composer Vladimir Kuryan. Performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Belarusian State Academy of Music, conductor Pyotr Vandilovsky. The soloist Veronica Praded is a laureate of the international competitions. Cameraman and director - Nikolay Shupilov.
Denis Asimovich

Denis Asimovich Composer, Guitarist

Belarusian guitarist and composer Denis Asimovich left a deep mark on the musical culture of Belarus. When he was 2 years old, he went completely blind. Mom began to introduce him to music, not limiting his choice of instrument. Already at the age of 4, he composed his first piece for piano. He successfully graduated from Belarusian State Academy (the guitar class) and became an outstanding performer, actively giving concerts in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania. His performances were broadcast on radio and television in these countries. Denis Asimovich passed away at the age of 33 after a long illness. After his death, MusicaNeo platform digitized his surviving guitar works. All sheet music can be downloaded for free on the page dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Belarusian guitarist.

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