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Do you like to stay in the know of all music trends? The most interesting happenings can be learnt from news and articles posted by MusicaNeo community members! All “first-hand” information is gathered at this page: important music events, exciting concerts in various spots of the world, compositions ‘in progress’, composers’ plans and ideas. In their MusicaNeo blogs experienced teachers and performers reveal secrets of mastery, professional tricks and give advice on reaching success in playing an instrument, developing technical skills for beginning musicians, overcoming stage fright and much more.

Be the first to learn about special offers, new uploads, sheet music bargains and exclusive gifts at the websites of publishers, musicians and composers. If an article caused your interest – do not hesitate to leave a comment and express your opinion. All MusicaNeo members are united by a mutual interest in music and the desire to express themselves through their creativity. You have an opportunity to support those whose work appeal to you and it’s quite likely that your review may become a stimulus for new music work or development of creative ties. Communicate and find new friends among musicians with the help of the MusicaNeo community!

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