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Hello, Adele!

16 Nov 2015

When in 2012 Adele announced she would temporarily leave the music stage to dedicate herself to the family and the birth of son, the army of music fans worldwide did not conceal the utmost dismay and frustration. The long-awaited comeback of Britain’s most beloved singer took place a few weeks ago and was marked by the release of a fantastic single “Hello” that beat all possible records within the first hours of going public.

The ‘Hello’ we see in the title does not at all come from the ‘hello-I’m-back’ context. Nothing to do with that. In a narrow context, it is a hello in a telephone conversation (as we can see from the video). As for the more global meaning, it’s a hello from the ‘grown-up Adele’ to the previous version of herself, the Adele she used to be, as well as to the circle of people who used to surround her at various stages of her life.

People have always loved Adele for the huge amount of personal involvement in each song of hers. She always said that the rush for commercial success was not her purpose, the true aspiration was to create a strongly personal music work that most people could relate to. Without that, she couldn’t compose. Here’s why it took her so long to get back to songwriting.

Adele’s perfect vocals are soaring as high as ever and the lyrics of are simple and heart-wrenching at the same time. We all have our ‘ex’-es, things and people that played a certain role in our lives but are now gone for one reason or another. According to Adele, the ballad “Hello” marks that transition from one stage of life to the next one; it accents the necessity of making changes in life, dealing with it and moving on despite everything.

By the way, Adele played drums herself, besides songwriting she’s credited on the song for that too.

“Hello” is actually a powerful teaser song: it is the lead single from the 3rd studio album that Adele prepared for release in a few days (November, 20) . Traditionally, looking back at the “19” and the “21”, the album will be titled “25”. To say that the “25” is very much anticipated is to say too little.

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