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Jon Bon Jovi Anniversary Facts

26 Nov 2012

With fame extended far overseas and a reputation of a brilliant American rocker it’s probably quite hard to keep a lot about yourself unknown for the public. However, people who truly love an artist and are ardent fans of his/her music will always be searching for more interesting info about their adored musician.

Jon Francis Bongiovi, Jr. or simply known to everyone as Jon Bon Jovi – a singer, musician, actor, songwriter and, of course, the father of “Bon Jovi” rock band – has hit 50 years this year, which once again drew additional occasion to put him in the public spotlight. Below is a curious bunch of facts about Jon, some better known, others not so commonly-heard. Have an easy read!

Jon Bon Jovi
  • Jon’s got a very supportive music family, everyone’s involved, two of his brothers work with him – as a bodyguard (Matt) and video director (Tony). And, imagine, Jon’s mom used to be his fanclub’s leader.
  • Jon’s spotted in the White House: Obama named him to the Council for community solutions.
  • Jon loves eating sushi backstage, performs with only a white mic when on tour and enjoys comparing himself to Elvis and Frank Sinatra.
  • To date, he has sold over 130 mln albums, toured in over 50 countries and staged over 2500 shows.
  • Jon appears in various Halls of Fame (Songwriters’, New Jersey), was 9 times nominated for Grammy but got only one of them.
  • Bon Jovi acted in 14 films.
  • He owns a private club in New Jersey and a whole football league (“Philadelphia Soul”), football being one of the passions.
  • If you ever hear the name of “Bongiovi” brand – it has nothing to do with either music or even football, it’s the name of a food company that belongs to his family. The most sold product is pasta sauce, by the way.
  • Jon’s quite sentimental: all crew members that spend 5 years in the band receive tiny pendants with a diamond from him. The pendant shape – a little Superman.
  • As a true musician Jon keeps self-improving: he still takes guitar lessons. There’s also a valuable present in his collection – a guitar signed by Bob Dylan.
  • There is a car named after Jon, one of Volkswagen Golfs.

Here they are, well, some of them. Hope you enjoyed reading! Maybe there is something extraordinary you know about Bon Jovi too?

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Alicia 05 Mar, 10:14

Jon is a wonderful person, a dedicated family man and a great friend. In addition to above, he is also very talented. I wish him further prosperity and inspiration, so that we could enjoy his work for a long time.

Monica 01 Mar, 05:12

I have long been a fan of John. I would say that he is the best man in the world and I am very jealous of his wife, because this is happiness to be with this man!