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Love for Shallow

28 Mar 2019
Now that the Oscars and all major ceremonies are over, when all the prizes have been awarded and all the emotions have settled a bit, when all wows were exclaimed and the winners cherished – it’s time to look at the compositions that stirred up so many emotions during the shows with a cool heart and a sober eye. “Shallow”, a love song about abandoning the fears and diving deeper into the relationship, is obviously among the pieces that have recently earned much praise and accolade. 

How often do we hear that a certain song is so widely loved by the public? What does this phrase actually comprise? Is it about climbing up the charts and being played at the radio stations? What is it to ‘love’ a piece of music so much that it shifts into that ‘widely-loved’ category? 

The Oscars became a win-win for both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Their spontaneous soulful duet performance of the ballad “Shallow” on stage proved once again why it is the kind of popular music that deserves the public affection. Trying to track the birth of that love for the song, it appears the reasons lie in a number of aspects that were meant to become the basis of the entire success story. 

As Gaga highlights in all of her interviews, it’s always about really hard work. On one side, we have a highly productive woman named Stefani Germanotta who learned to play piano by ear at the age of 4, and despite all the hatred and peers’ disbelief received in her earlier years, managed to path her way as an artist all the way throughout to the well-deserved Oscar and a few entries in the Guinness Records Book. 

Then we have a talented yet humble actor, director, and musician who showed himself as a scrupulous film director of "A Star Is Born" and the man who meticulously planned not just the movie but also every second of the live performance taking millions of viewers off guard, which was the final drop in convincing us. It was Cooper who silently directed beyond-the-standard scenario of the staged show and created the vision of epic chemistry and ideal harmony between him and Gaga singing the love song together. Tiny details such as postures, moves, looks, is what made it work for each one of those who were watching it. 

What do we have as a result? “Shallow” is leaving Beyoncé’s “Formation” behind in the number of wins (32) and is bumping Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” from Billboard’s Top 200. The point is – we relate to it, we wanna listen to it often, after all - we have a desire to get the sheet music and start learning to play the piece ourselves (even if we don’t play a musical instrument yet!). This is how good quality pop music is created, through hard work and details that conquer the hearts. Let’s enjoy every note of this memorable duet again.

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Alice Gordon 29 Mar, 08:40

I haven't watched the film itself yet but it was this live performance by Cooper and Gaga that made me want to watch it. We've heard about Lady Gaga for many years as a prolific artist but it came to me as a pleasant shock that Bradley is such a confident musician as well. I used to associate him only with acting and was glad to find out he sings so professionally. Also, the song itself is very pleasing, pieces like that will always be in demand, for pianists for sure.