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Compose Music for the Common Goal of Peace in Belarus!

18 Aug 2020

Dear music lovers!

20 years ago our Belarus programmer team came together. It helped create MusicaNeo to facilitate the digital distribution of music and allow composers to become independent.

While everyone spoke badly about Belarus, I always loved and admired it. Its people are friendly, diligent and tolerant. Life has become much better over the last 20 years, despite of any financial crises. But today, I am deeply worried about what is going on.

Therefore, I ask you to compose music for the common goal of peace! Upload it to MusicaNeo, where it shall be prominently displayed.

Start a dialogue with the power of music!

Please share your friendship, whenever you can – especially today with Belarus!

Thank you!


CEO MusicaNeo

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Jamal Zohourian 31 Aug, 07:56

"Peace For Peace" Original Song for Classical Guitar by Jamal Zohourian "Dedicated to "Belarusian" people running nonviolent for Peace". Free Score available in :

Ariel Davydov 27 Aug, 10:53

Я, как большинство честных людей, знакомых с положением народа Беларуси, глубоко переживаю за эту страну. Я бывал там не раз и искренне полюбил ее. Трудно жить в стране, в которой за свободу мысли, людей лишают работы и сажают в тюрьмы, где те, кто критикует правительство исчезают бесследно. Надеюсь, что 2 песни, которые я написал на слова белорусского поэта Г. Барадулина помогут почувствовать беларусам, что мы их любим и молимся за них.