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1st AEMC Vocal Chamber Music Competition - 2024 Recording Prize

Montecassiano (Marche, MC), Italy

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MusicaNeo Community unites thousands of people all over the world – people whose life is filled with music. No matter whether you are a professional musician, composer, teacher or “only” deal with music in your spare time – you can become a member of the MusicaNeo Community and meet new friends, like-minded people and fans of your creative work here. It’s so simple: no restrictions, no member fees , no special obligations!

All you need is register with MusicaNeo. Right after the registration you will receive a free personal site at the MusicaNeo platform where you’ll be able to post information about yourself, add photos, articles and news from your creative life.

Besides freeing its members from any registration fees and personal site charges, MusicaNeo offers them an opportunity to open a personal online store where they can publish their own sheet music as well as public domain music works. The entire procedure is fully automated so that MusicaNeo members can easily manage their personal sites and be in control of their sheet music sales.

MusicaNeo also protects author’s rights. A special scheme for musicians and composers was developed – a unique mechanism allowing the latter to offer performing licenses for their sheet music directly to performers.

The team of MusicaNeo is constantly striving to improve the platform’s opportunities, launches interesting projects and offers new services to member-musicians. The promotion of creative work and the development of the personal sites of platform members are two of the main priorities of MusicaNeo. You can learn about the new services, add information and advertisements to “Music Competitions” and “Music Jobs” sections, take part in discussion of music pieces, comment on articles and other members’ news. What’s most important, you will become a fully-fledged member of a community of like-minded people in which new contacts are born, exciting music events are discussed and common projects in the spheres of academic music and show-business get launched.