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Music Competitions

Deadline Country Discipline  
12 Nov 2022


Академический вокал Фортепиано Духовые инструменты Струнные инструменты; гитара Канон Допускаются ансамблевые исполнения в вышеуказанных номинациях.
Ереван, Armenia
Конкурс проводится в один тур. Участники всех номинаций исполняют 2 разнохарактерных произведения.
from 01 Sep 2022 to 01 Nov 2022
Entry fee:
Вступительный взнос для участников из Армении и Арцаха Группа А: до10 лет - 10000 драм РА Группа B: 11 - 13 лет -10000 драм РА Группа С: 14 - 16 лет - 10000 драм РА Группа D: 17 - 19 лет - 15000 драм РА Группа E: 20 - 22 лет – 15000 драм РА Ансамблевые исполнения во всех номинациях- 20000 драм РА Вступительный взнос для иностранных участников Группа А: до10 лет - 30 евро Группа B: 11 - 13 лет - 40 евро Группа С: 14 - 16 лет - 40 евро Группа D: 17 - 19 лет - 50 евро Группа E: 20- 22 лет - 50
КОО "Камертон" для обладателя /обладателей Гран-при, в каждой номинации, учредила денежный приз. Специальный приз и памятные подарки от КОО "Камертон" Выступление с камерным оркестром муз- пед. колледжа имени А. Бабаджаняна Участие в концертах в Ереване и в других городах Армении
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Among MusicaNeo community members there are a lot of talented musicians, excellent performers and gifted composers who have already won awards at various international music contests or are preparing to take part in them. To support this most brave, venturesome and determined part of our community, MusicaNeo curates a list of music competitions. We are inviting you to take part in enriching our list and post information about international Performing/Composing contests and competitions that will take place in years 2012 – 2013 in different parts of the world. Listed are competitions for pianists, composers, vocalists, violinists, cellists, performers on wind and percussion instruments, as well as contests for choirs and chamber ensembles. In order to find a competition in the list, use the search tool by nomination, country, application date and set the earliest date suitable for you.

For any musician entering a competition is a bold step that can completely change his/her creative career. To participate in a music competitions is very time-consuming – the process of preparation itself takes up plenty of time, efforts and resources, not talking about the numerous rehearsals that turn into real proof of stamina for musicians. Despite all that, for some well-known artists taking part in a music contest became a turning point in their professional careers. Among academic performers who gained popularity after winning in an international contest are: Van Cliburn, Itzhak Perlman, Luciano Pavarotti, Maxim Vengerov, Anna Netrebko. Music competitions played an important role in the development of many now famous artists and bands – Julio Iglesias, Andrea Bocelli, ABBA, Celine Dion, Toto Cutugno, Secret Garden – to name just a few.

Of course, many have different attitudes to competitions in general and to a jury’s competency in particular. But no one would argue that it takes great effort from contestants, training, practice and endurance to get through in a competition, especially those open to participants form all over the world. The most talented and technically advanced performers compete and there is no chance for a second try.

It goes without saying that regardless of the results, being accepted and participating in an international contest is always a victory in itself and a big step to the next professional level in music.