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Hans Huber

(Romantic - Early 20th century)

Born 1852 in Eppenberg-Wöschnau, Solothurn, Switzerland, died 1921 in Locarno, Switzerland.

Son of an amateur musician, Huber became a chorister and showed early talent for the piano. In 1870 he started his studies at the conservatoire in Leipzig with Carl Reinecke. After his studies he first started teaching in Alsace, moved to Basel in 1877, but was admitted to the local conservatoire not before 1889. He then made rapid progress as his works gained recognition and seven years later Huber was appointed director.

His contemporaries saw Huber as a father figure and even among his colleagues he held undisputedly his position. At the turn of the 20th century everyone was aware that Huber had laid the foundation for an independent Swiss music among the main currents of the European composition history. As a „Sinfoniker“ he could establish a respectable place in the international music for the music of his country.

Huber was founder of the Swiss Composers Union and the most important Swiss composer of the 19th century. He spent his last years in Minusio at the Lago Maggiore and died in 1921 in Locarno.

Popular works
Blätter und Blüthen, Op.2. Nr.4 Aus alter Zeit
Classical / Piece
Sketches, Op.51
Classical / Piece
Minuet in E Major
Classical / Piece
Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Major, Op.33
Classical / Sonata
Intermezzi for Piano, Op.94. Intermezzo No.1 in E Minor
Classical / Piece
Piano Trio No.2, Op.65. Movement II
Classical / Chamber music
Piano Trio No.2, Op.65. Cello part
Classical / Chamber music
Piano Trio No.2, Op.65. Violin part
Classical / Chamber music
Fantasia for Violin and Piano, Op.17. Score, solo part
Classical / Chamber music