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Registration and membership, including:

  • unlimited download of available free sheet music
  • a personal website, where you can publish your works, provide information about yourself, share your thoughts, photos and more
  • your own personalized music store to showcase your music and help you sell more sheet music and performance licenses
  • unlimited upload of sheet music and other material

Entry in the CCI (Contemporary Composers Index)

Your Revenue

Any amount you earn via MusicaNeo, commissions deducted, will be credited directly to your account. All payments, fees, commissions and invoices are listed in the “Payments History” section of your profile. Your balance can be checked real-time in the “Prepaid Account” section. For payoff, choose between a transfer to your PayPal or WebMoney-account, to any other bank account or order a cashier’s cheque.

MusicaNeo’s Commission

MusicaNeo receives a commission of 1/3 (one third) from the fee paid by the downloader for the purchase of your sheet music or performance license. MusicaNeo’s commission is due as soon as the fee is paid by the downloader.