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Needless to say that bad music can spoil the impression of even the best-crafted movie or animated cartoon. It is an important part of the film’s general impression and atmosphere and therefore film directors have been paying special attention to this element for years. Star Wars wouldn’t be that epic without the iconic main theme or the Imperial March, and Titanic would not get so heart-wrenching without Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. The names of film composers like Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat, Howard Shore, Thomas Newman, Ramin Djawadi, Clint Mansell and many others can be a quality sign for any soundtrack. Today Film music encompasses an enormous diversity of genres and music styles, so performers hungry for new melodies in their repertoire can look at this genre as a source of new original compositions to play, as well as great practicing material for any purpose. Film, game and background music are the genres of growing popularity among modern composers who keep publishing their creations for this broad market. One of the most highly sought types of scores are Ambient and New Age music that have a pretty large sphere of use. Despite the fact that modern technology allows imitating the sound of any instrument, live compositions are still valued and in great demand. In this section of our catalogue, we have united the sheet music from popular films, musicals and Broadway shows. You can search your favourite scores by the categories of Broadway, Cabaret, Choral, Disney, Instrumental, Musical and Vocal music.

6930 Kompositionen

Titel Komponisten   Genre
1st Sword Arnold D. Film / TV / Show
2 Jahre Garantie Klemm R. Film / TV / Show: Kabarett
2 Stars Anders A., Hassman N. Film / TV / Show
4 Jews in a Room Bitching Finn W. Film / TV / Show: Broadway
5 to 9 Parton D. Film / TV / Show: Broadway
6 Ambient Carols for Solo Piano Mendelssohn-Bartholdy F., folklore, Wade J.F., Pierpoint F.S. Film / TV / Show: Instrumentalmusik
007 Theme Barry J. Film / TV / Show
7 Things Armato A., Cyrus M.R., James T. Film / TV / Show
007: Through The Years Norman M. Film / TV / Show
7th Heaven Main Theme (Steve Plunkett) Tempchin J., Rivers J. Film / TV / Show
10 pieces for piano 4 hands Gaydenko I. Film / TV / Show: Instrumentalmusik
12 indicators Grigg J. Film / TV / Show: Instrumentalmusik
20 Years Ago Powell J. Film / TV / Show
28 Hours / Wherever We Are (Jenn Colella & Come from Away Company) Sankoff I., Hein D. Film / TV / Show: Broadway
30/90 Larson J. Film / TV / Show: Musical
42nd Street Dubin A. Film / TV / Show: Musical
55 Days at Peking Webster P.F. Film / TV / Show
55 Days at Peking Tiomkin D. Film / TV / Show
77 Sunset Strip Livingston J., David M. Film / TV / Show
96,000 Miranda L. Film / TV / Show: Broadway
100 Rat Dash (from Ratatouille) Giacchino M. Film / TV / Show
633 Squadron Goodwin R. Film / TV / Show
1492: Conquest of Paradise Vangelis Film / TV / Show
1963 (from 'Stephen Ward') Webber A.L. Film / TV / Show: Musical
2084 Klemm R. Film / TV / Show: Kabarett

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