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The Little Shoemaker


Für Stimme und Klavier (oder Gitarre)

Druckbare Notendatei, 1 Kopie • 6 Seiten, ID: SM-000106656
Klavier, Stimme, Klassische Gitarre
“The Little Shoemaker” is a pop song by the French composer Rudi Revil. It is based on a song called “Le petit cordonnier”, with the original lyrics written by the French poet Francis Lemarque. As for the English version, the words are also attributed to Geoffrey Parson and John Tumer. The most commercially successful version of the song was recorded by the American trio “The Gaylords” in 1954. The song became very popular internationally and was translated into various languages. Other popular recordings include versions by Hugo Winterhalter orchestra, Rosemary Clooney, Alma Cogan and others.
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comments Mary-Ann 24 Mrz 2016 12:04

No wonder songs like this get popular in various cultures of the world, floating from one language into another

comments Kathi 21 Aug 2014 14:38

Zusammen mit "Downtown" gehört diese Melodie zu meinen Favoriten. Ein schönes, leictes Lied aus den 50ern...

comments Lianna 07 Jul 2014 12:32

OMG it's such a cute song! So light and kind :)