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Our Lady of Fatima (musical)

Film / TV / Show/Musical • Texter: old sacred text, Stephen DeCesare

Piano-vocal score (with accompaniment tracks)

Titel nach Uploader: Our Lady of Fatima: the musical (with accompaniment tracks)

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100.00 USD

Verkäufer Stephen DeCesare
ZIP, 85.05 Mb ID: SM-000159796 Datum des Uploads: 19 Mrz 2012
Klavier, Gemischter Chor, Stimme
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Solisten, Klavierbegleitung, Chor
Art der Partitur
MTA Publishing
An epic musical drama based on the true story of three young shepherd children in Fatima Portugal (1917) and their apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Libretto, Score, Rehearsal and Performance MP3's are included in this purchase.

Please note: For the song "Mother, Guess What Happened?", there is NO accompaniment track included for the reason that there are so many vamps that it would be difficult to tell when to come in. It would be better suited if this was played live.
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0:00 Our Lady of Fatima: the musical (with accompaniment tracks)