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Exile (solo xylophone and live electronics)

Klassische Musik/Elektroakustische • 2011

Exile (solo xylophone and live electronics)

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Verkäufer Joseph Hasper
PDF, 672.3 Kb ID: SM-000162155 Datum des Uploads: 21 Apr 2012
Xylophon, Stereolautsprecher, Сomputergenerierter Klang
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Interactive solo for xylophone and live electonics, performed using a MAX/MSP patch that is included with the score. The interactive electonics are performed by capturing the live xylophone performance by microphone, which is sent to the MAX/MSP program running on a computer. The live sounds are manipulated by the program, and also trigger other pre-recorded sounds. This produces an audio output from the computer, which is amplified and played back over loudspeakers as the xylophone player performs.

This piece was performed by the composer at the Unviersity of Oklahoma in 2011.
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