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For recorder ensemble SSAATBGB and TTBBGbCbScb - score and parts

Titel nach Uploader: Ogives, arranged for recorder ensemble SSAATBGB and TTBBGbCbScb - Score and Parts

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Verkäufer Paul Burnell
PDF, 1.28 Mb ID: SM-000167882 Datum des Uploads: 12 Jul 2012
Tenorblockflöte, Sopranblockflöte, Altblockflöte, Bassblockflöte, Großbassblockflöte
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Paul Burnell
Paul Burnell
Erik Satie (1866 - 1925)
Arranged for recorder ensemble by Paul Burnell 2012

Four movements

The download comprises two separate sets of scores and parts:
Set one: Two Sopranos, two Altos, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass.
Set two: Two Tenors, two Basses, Great Bass, Contrabass, Sub-Contrabass.

Optional: When played by a large ensemble, with more than one to a part, the solo/tutti indications in brackets may be observed.

The original piano music was written without bar-lines, with each system consisting of a whole musical phrase. That feature has been maintained in this arrangement and the systems are consistently presented throughout the parts.

Original dedications:
J.P. Contamine de Latour (1867 - 1926) - poet
Charles-Gaston Levadé (1869 -1948) - composer
Madame Clément le Breton - to whom Satie also dedicated another early piece 'Valse ballet' Conrad Satie - brother of Erik Satie

Programme note:
An ogive is the curve that forms the outline of a pointed gothic arch. Erik Satie gave this title to a set of four piano miniatures published in 1886 at the beginning of his career. Their calm, slow melodies are built up from paired phrases reminiscent of plainchant. He wanted to evoke a large pipe organ reverberating in the depth of a cathedral, and achieved this sonority by using full harmonies, octave doubling and sharply contrasting dynamics.
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0:00 Ogives, arranged for recorder ensemble SSAATBGB and TTBBGbCbScb - Score and Parts