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Battle of Wits, MMD26

Klassische Musik/Zeitgenössisch • 2012

Battle of Wits

9.95 USD

Verkäufer Malcolm Dedman
ZIP, 0.99 Mb ID: SM-000171531 Datum des Uploads: 29 Sep 2012
Klavier, Bongos, Conga
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Klavier, vierhändig
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Malcolm Dedman
Written in 2012, ‘Battle of Wits’ is for piano duet with percussion, that is, the two pianists also have percussion instruments to play – a pair each of bongos and conga drums. It was written for and dedicated to the Maclé Duo and it lasts just over 3 minutes.

The title suggests an argument between two people, each with very strong characters and points of view. In the score, a text is provided with each musical phrase, suggesting the progress of the argument. The drums are used to ‘drum home’ each player’s argument. This leads to a fight, when both players use the drums. The ‘stop’ signal is provided by the first piano stroking inside the piano, after which the pianists play a coda, suggesting that they accept each other’s differences and get along together – in peace.
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