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Moj Dilbere

Klassische Musik/Arrangement • 2012 • Alternativer Titel: Moj Dilbere

Für Gitarre

Titel nach Uploader: Moj Dilbere

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Anbieter Suad Kapetanovic
PDF, 703.9 Kb ID: SM-000176341 Datum des Uploads: 30 Nov 2012
Klassische Gitarre
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Suad Kapetanovic
Suad Kapetanovic
This is an adaption of a Bosnian traditional folk song, "Moj Dilbere," for the classical guitar.
"Sevdah" is a form of traditional Bosnian music. Centuries of historic turmoil in my homeland Bosnia have resulted in interactions between various cultural and linguistic traditions, including Slavic, Otoman, Sephardic, Mittel-European and Arabic. Sevdah reflects these interactions through its dynamic rhythms, original melodic structures and beautiful Slavic poetics. The songs typically sing about love (often unreturned), and the interpetation is deeply emotional.
This is the first piece in my "Sevdah" series - as an homage to the great Villa Lobos and his "Choros" series, I have named this piece "Sevdah No.1."
Some parts are difficult to play, but, being a classical guitarist myself, I assure you that they are fully playable and enjoyable.
There is an iPhone recording on youtube that I hope will be a helpful enhancement to the sheet music, on the following URL:
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