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Ecco Donne la Befana (Italian folksong) for SSA voices

Weltmusik / Ethno/Italienische • 2010 • Texter: folklore • Alternativer Titel: Here Ladies is the Old Witch

Ecco Donne la Befana (Italian folksong) for SSA voices

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Verkäufer Joan Yakkey
PDF, 299.1 Kb ID: SM-000178295 Datum des Uploads: 17 Jan 2013
Frauenchor: Sopran, Alt; Kinderchor: Sopran, Alt
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Klavierbegleitung, Trio, Chor
Art der Partitur
Partitur, Klavierauszug mit Singstimmen
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Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
Englisch, Italienisch
This is a setting of a song from Tuscany, italy dedicated to the Old Witch who traditionally visits each year for Epiphany (January 6th) and gives presents, mostly candy, to children. The setting is for three upper voices, SSA, children's or women's choir. The piece can be performed A Cappella or with piano accompaniment which is included in the pdf file. A translation of the Italian is included in the pdf file.

1. Ecco donne la Befana . . . . . Here ladies is the Old Witch
non è quella degl’altr’anni. . . . . she’s not the same as other years
ha mutate veste e panni. . . . . .she has changed her dress and clothing
e s’è messa la barbantana. . . . .and she put a scarf on her head.

2. Se ce la volete dare. . . . . .If you wish to give it to us
non ci fate più aspettare. . . . .don’t make us wait any longer,
i compagni sono avanti. . . . .our friends are in front
e la vogliono levare. . . . .and they want to take it off.

3. Vi ringrazia la Befana. . . . .The Old Witch thanks you
che l’avete favorita. . . . .for you have welcomed her.
Dio vi lasci lunga vita. . . . .May God grant you long life,
buona gente state sana . . . . .good people stay healthy.
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