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Vocalise for Nine Voices (a cappella)

Klassische Musik/Zeitgenössisch • 2012

Vocalise for Nine Voices (a cappella)

10.00 USD

Verkäufer Kostika Çollaku
PDF, 774.0 Kb ID: SM-000180926 Datum des Uploads: 07 Mrz 2013
Sopran, Mezzosopran, Alt, Tenor, Bariton, Bass
Art der Partitur
Kostika Çollaku
Sehr schwer
Vocalise is a short presentation of what we call "Life" with two reference points, Birth and Death which are represented in a unison melody line.
The drawing by Matthieu Barrère (Life Simplified) shows exactly the structure of the piece.

When the short unison at the beginning ends, (around 00.10s) the piece starts immediately to transformed and becomes chaotic, asymmetric, confused, messy and disordered. All this ends at 03.36, where the unison melody which represents death, starts. But even if we expect the death line to be completely in order, it isn’t, while at 03.45 something trying to distract again the calmness. At 03.49 it turns to a completely unison melody which again is distracted for the last time at 03.56 till the end and it ends that way.
Seeing the whole graphic image of the emotions that the piece has plotted, someone may conclude too many different theories as generally in art and especially in music. Here is the composer’s aspect of the piece.

“Usually we tend or we want to see death as the absolute form of ending all the misery and the pain of our existence. Vocalise is all about a group of people that have died and they are somewhere, no matter where, paradise or hell. Everyone if were in this position would immediately start to find answers, the truth and the absolute meaning. But none of them happening, they just exist after death with no answers, just with their memory of their lives.

Vocalise is a short journey to this observation of life, from birth to death.”

(Soprano I -II, Alto I-II, Tenor I-II, Baritone I-II, Bass)
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