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Je te veux

Klassische Musik/Arrangement • 1901 • Alternativer Titel: Je te veux. Valse chantée

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Titel nach Uploader: Je te veux (Arrangement for Piano)

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PDF, 563.1 Kb ID: SM-000019605 Datum des Uploads: 21 Apr 2010
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Erik Satie
Rouart, Lerolle & Cie.
“Je Te Veux” (‘I want you’) is a song by the influential French avant-garde composer and pianist Erik Satie. It was presumably composed in 1897 but was registered only in 1902. The piece presents a sentimental and dreamy 3/4 waltz with quite explicit and provocative lyrics. The erotic text of the song was written by the French poet Henry Pacory. It is believed that Satie set it to music as a dedication to Paulette Darty, for whom he was an accompanist. Technically, the song has 2 verses and a chorus. As for instrumentation, there were 3 versions originally notated by Satie: vocal-piano, brass orchestra and symphonic orchestra (the latter including a trio). The solo piano transcription appeared later and the arrangement included an additional section in the middle. Today, this score type is the most popular among performers of all levels and is currently available for download in our catalogue. On this page, you can also get other arrangements of Satie’s masterpiece, including a contemporary version for recorder ensemble. The catalogue is updated weekly, so more music scores will be added.
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For recorder ensemble S,A,A,T,B, (opt GB) and T, B, B, Gb, CB, (opt SubCb) - score and parts

Titel nach Uploader: Je Te Veux, arranged for recorder ensemble S,A,A,T,B, (opt GB) and T, B, B, Gb, CB, (opt SubCb) - Score and Parts

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Verkäufer Paul Burnell
PDF, 1.55 Mb ID: SM-000167877 Datum des Uploads: 12 Jul 2012
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Paul Burnell
Paul Burnell
Je Te Veux
Composed by Erik Satie (1866 - 1925), arranged for recorder ensemble by Paul Burnell in 2012.

Duration 6:00

This download contains two separate versions with two sets of score and parts:

One set for Soprano, two Altos, Tenor, Bass and optional Great Bass recorders.

One set for Tenor, two Basses, Great Bass, Contrabass and optional Sub-Contrabass recorders.

Programme note:

The waltz song "Je te veux" ('I want you') was composed by Erik Satie to a text by Henry Pacory. It was written for the burlesque singer Paulette Darty (the "Queen of the Slow Waltz") whose accompanist Satie had been for a period of time. The song was composed around 1897 - 1902, and Satie made various arrangements of it, inluding brass ensemble, orchestra, solo piano, and adding a Trio section.
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comments Alexander Cooper 29 Mrz 2019 08:48

I'm not a big fan of Satie's major style, too dark for me personally. This is exactly the reason why Je Te Veux suited me so well in the mood :) Dreamy, light-hearted, almost soaring. The piano score can be actually mastered by the intermediates+ in no time and you can play the piece for your own pleasure and relaxation with your eyes closed. The solo version is definitely the most attractive to me.

comments Susie Coleman 28 Feb 2019 14:47

This waltz song is hypnotically, hauntingly beautiful! One of my favourite pieces in general and definitely the most favourite by Erik Satie. Endlessly charmed by the flowing melody and the enticingly bold lyrics. The fingering is not the easiest on this one, but as far as I can tell from my own experience - none of Satie's piano pieces is quite easy in this regard. The sheet music is nice and accurate, though!


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0:00 Je Te Veux, arranged for recorder ensemble S,A,A,T,B, (opt GB) and T, B, B, Gb, CB, (opt SubCb) - Score and Parts