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Klassische Musik/Instrumentalmusik • 2005


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Verkäufer The Phlod-Nar
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The Phlod-Nar
Track 5 from the Works for Piano album (2012) by Randolf Smeets.

Smeets is a highly creative composer by liberating musical constraints yet still keeping his works aurally pleasurable. Works for Piano is an inviting safe haven where listeners can enjoy experimental music, freely get wrapped up in it and not develop a migraine. - Kelly O'Neil (5 out of 5 stars)

Note from the composer: The same in character as the first piece on the album is Bindu (composed in 2005), number 5 on the disc. Bindu has different meanings but in the case of the composition refers to the following explanations; In metaphysical terms Bindu is held to be the point at which begins creation and the point at which the many becomes the unity. It is also described as "the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state". Bindu also refers to an aspect of the anatomy of the 'subtle body' composed of 'drops' and 'winds'. (from Wikipedia) Bindu, for me, is about creating and structuring; how can you create something out of nothing? I remember I used to ‘meditate’ before I started composing. This is one of those pieces. It’s about finding tranquility and creating YOUR thing, YOUR art.
The main inspiration for these two pieces (in title and compositional style) is my 1-year trip in Australia in 2002, which I regards as one of my profoundly experiences in my life. [Also one of my albums “The Phlod-Nar: Wanjina” (2008) is entirely composed using Aboriginal titles and references. Some sort of ‘pseudo-classical’ music]
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