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The impact of the analog synthesizer

Klassische Musik/Zeitgenössisch • 2015

The impact of the analog synthesizer

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Verkäufer Dino Residbegovic
PDF, 1.71 Mb ID: SM-000226107 Datum des Uploads: 17 Mai 2015
Klavier, Akkordeon, Flöte, Cello, Sopran
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Dino Residbegovic
The composition is written for: soprano, flute, accordion, violoncello and piano.
This work is inspired from the book of Mark Jenkins "Analog Synthesizers".

The whole composition is based on the Morse code.

For performers, the most important is a very intimate music relation with the score,
in domain of perception, because of the new role in the interpretations of music.
As composer, I believe that each good performer has the ability and own tone aesthetic
after many years of practicing and performing music.
I believe that the relationship between performers (Interprets) and the composer should be much stronger.
Other musical parameters are fixed. Through improvisation with pitches, it is necessary to aware about two things:
musicians should avoid sequences and repeating same pitches only same pitch in one bar,
never same pitch in more than one bar! The same logic gilt for the registration!
Expression should be play in co-relation with instrumental technique.

World premiere at Army Hall in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sonemus - Sonic Boom Festival, artistic director Azra Ramic) Concert of Bosnian and Swiss composers 19. 02. 2015.
Conductor: Jurg Wyttenbach, Sopran: Jeannine Hirzel, Flute: Hanan Hadzajlic, Cello: Esther Saladin, Accordion: Ina Hoffman and Piano: Gilles Grimaitre
Video of composition at youtube address:
Audio of composition at following address:

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