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Andromeda - for Percussion Ensemble

Klassische Musik/Instrumentalmusik • 2013

Andromeda - for Percussion Ensemble

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PDF, 3.73 Mb ID: SM-000226606 Datum des Uploads: 30 Mai 2015
Klavier, Bassgitarre, Kleine Trommel, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Triangel, Pauke, Vibraphon, Xylophon, Becken, Tamburin, Bongos, Grosse Trommel, Hi-hat, Conga, Sticks, Schlaginstrumente
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Großes Ensemble (9 oder mehr Musiker)
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Patrick Glenn Harper
This programmatic piece uses contrasting sections to depict a journey from our galaxy to the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The beginning musically builds up to the exciting launch. The middle section depicts the peaceful emptiness of the intergalactic space between the two galaxies, while the closing section sees the return of the main theme and builds to an exciting conclusion. A marimba 2 part in treble clef has been included for those who prefer it.

(The download of this piece includes the score and all parts. The purchaser or organization who purchases this music may perform it publicly, and photocopy parts as needed for their performance. Please do not distribute to other parties.)
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