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De Bronze et De Lumière for serpent and piano

Klassische Musik/Musikstück • 2009

De Bronze et De Lumière for serpent and piano

Titel nach Uploader: Thérèse Brenet: De Bronze et De Lumière for serpent and piano

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Verkäufer Musik Fabrik
PDF, 285.1 Kb ID: SM-000230355 Datum des Uploads: 07 Aug 2015
Klavier, Serpent
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Solo, Klavierbegleitung
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Partitur für zwei Interpreten, Solo Stimme
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Musik Fabrik
The composer writes : "Why this title? I was fascinated, when I met Michel Godard, by the different facets of the Serpent.
Why bronze? Because the lights reflects on this noble alloy in which silver was mixed by some ancient artists.
I was impressed by the dark and almost tragic color that the magnificent instrument is able to transpose, for example,
in the trills, and this explains why the serpent plays a trill, on two occasions, in the full range of dynamics from ppp to
fff. The piano punctuates briefly these two trills by an incisive and hard-hitting intervention : the light her represents
lightening which precedes the rumbling of the storm. But in what follow, I wanted a more gentle texture. The serpent
can be very expressive.
At the end of the piece, one can find the bronze of the serpent and the light, which has become very soft, in the piano.
The serpent’s part fades away, descending to the lowest register while the piano rises progressively and softly towards
the light, reaching higher and higher registers.
Therefore, I hope that I was able to bring out the many different facets of this instrument"
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