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Paganini variations 2.1, MVWV 1075

Klassische Musik/Musikstück • 2016

Paganini variations 2.1


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Anbieter Maurice Verheul
PDF, 673.6 Kb ID: SM-000253528 Datum des Uploads: 17 Aug 2016
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Maurice Verheul
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This work is inspired on the talks I had with my friend Michael Habermann. We talked about the lack of musicality and the overkill of technique exposed on the music works today: Where are the times of Harold Bauer! Or to quote Geoffrey Madge's qoute about Sorabji: "People who find my music technical don't understand it; My music is about Bel canto, about musicality, about telling a story. Those who perform it pure for its technical form just dont get it" (G. Madge quoted his friend Kaikorsu Sorabji).

This piece is also about musicality not about technique and is a statement against the hollow playing of Lang Lang, Yuja Wang, Hamelin and to much others.

To qoute Michael Habermann "When we talk to each-other I dont say to you what a great technique of talking do you have but I sat what a great story teller you are"
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