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Partizaner Lid (Partisan Song)

Klassische Musik/Chormusik • 1983 • Texter: Hirsch Glick

Partizaner Lid (Partisan Song)

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Verkäufer Bonia Shur
PDF, 681.5 Kb ID: SM-000282537 Datum des Uploads: 20 Mrz 2017
Kleine Trommel, Tenor, Gemischter Chor
Art der Partitur
Bonia Shur
Bonia Shur
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A setting of the poem by Hirsch Glick, 1942, Vilna Ghetto.
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comments Bonia Shur 28 Aug 2017 17:10

Hi, Carol, We cannot share full scores because we cannot control whether someone will subsequently purchase the score. The preview gives you a pretty good idea of the difficulty of the piece. Not sure what you mean by "the actual song doesn't appear" but you were able to get the preview. We will try to reach out to you to help you better...

comments Carol Marton 27 Aug 2017 20:52

Hello - Despite the 3 pages provided for viewing the score (thanks for those), the actual song doesn't appear at all and i can't tell if it will work for my chorus. It's a non-audition group and right now, I'm thinking that my pianist could do the intro while the chorus tackles the song itself. But I have no idea if that makes sense because I cannot see more of the song. I'm not able to spend $20 to find this out! Is there another way? Thanks - Carol