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Für Stimme und Klavier (oder Gitarre)

Druckbare Notendatei • 4 Seiten, ID: SM-000284044
3.99 USD
Klavier, Stimme, Klassische Gitarre
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Für Gitarre mit Tabulatur

Druckbare Notendatei • 3 Seiten, ID: SM-000284524
2.99 USD
Klassische Gitarre
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Text und Akkorde

Druckbare Notendatei • 2 Seiten, ID: SM-000302807
1.99 USD
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comments Ashley Burlow 06 Apr 2017 09:42

Very nice. Glad the arrangement turned out to be not too challenging and it does sound like the original in the end. As I've listened to the song dozens of times before getting the score, it wasn't at all hard to read it and follow the vocal line. Though I wouldn't call it the easiest one. Sounds lovely both on guitar AND on piano. Also! That's an attractive price out there! Saw an identical arrangement for almost 6 bucks at musicnotes.