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Four Canadian Sketches for Flute Choir

Klassische Musik/Kammermusik • 2006

Four Canadian Sketches for Flute Choir

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Verkäufer Mike Lyons
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Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons
This is the original composition for 8-part flute choir, written for the Academy Flute Choir, based in Victoria. There are four movements, each representing a different aspect of Canada as seen by a foreigner.

1. March for the Frontiersmen: Canada is a young nation and I imagined it beginning its journey towards nation status as the frontiersmen broke their way through the mountains and forests, growing and defending themselves against the elements. The image of Canadian youths playing soldiers and marching is important in this movement.

2. The Great White Cold: I imagined the bitter freezing cold and icy beauty of Canadian winters (not that I have ever experienced such) and I used some slightly unusual techniques to create the impression of a cold wind blowing across the arctic scenery.

3. Campfire Songs: I had a vision of the great outdoors with Canadian families going camping in the mountainous regions sitting round their campfire at night and singing songs. I had no idea at the time whether Canadians were campfire singers or what kinds of songs they might choose, so I selected a number of ’folk’ songs from the "Great Canadian Tune Book" and incorporated them into this movement. It also contains an arrangement of the Canadian National Anthem "O Canada".

4. The New Found Land: This movement moves to Canada’s eastern seaboard and I imagined new emigrants to the country arriving at a busy harbour and seeing all the hustle and bustle of a lively community and sea port. With some difficulty the debarkees find their land legs but then become absorbed in the lively new world they have moved to.

In this 150th year of Canada's birth, this is a really useful addition to any flute choir's repertoire.
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