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La Cuenta - Brass Septet w. percussion

Klassische Musik/Instrumentalmusik • 2008

La Cuenta - Brass Septet w. percussion

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Verkäufer Mike Lyons
PDF, 1.48 Mb ID: SM-000301314 Datum des Uploads: 07 Okt 2017
Tenorposaune, Baritonhorn, Althorn, Kornett, Euphonium, Horn, Posaune, Tuba, Kleine Trommel, Tenorhorn, Bongos, Klanghölzer, Maracas, Cabasa, Basstuba
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Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons
La Cuenta is a brilliant Latin number for brass septet with percussion. It has complex time signatures and demands a good sense of rhythm from all players. The Counting (hence the title) is always important, and quavers (eighths) need to be counted accurately, but the music is still very enjoyable to play and listen to.

Parts are supplied for
Part 1 in Bb
Part 2 in Bb
Part 3 in Eb/F
Part 4 in Bb/C(Bass clef)
Part 5 in Bb/C(Bass clef)
Part 6 in Bb/C(Bass clef)
Part 7 in Eb/C(Bass clef)
Percussion required is snare/cymbals, maracas/cabasa, bongos and woodblock. and parts are supplied to allow as flexible as possible a disposition of players.

Don't miss out on this jolly number, which will fit in any kind of programme.
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