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The Dances of the Year – Recorder Quartet

Klassische Musik/Kammermusik • 2017

The Dances of the Year – Recorder Quartet

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Verkäufer Mike Lyons
PDF, 1.08 Mb ID: SM-000308382 Datum des Uploads: 08 Nov 2017
Blockflöte, Tenorblockflöte, Sopranblockflöte, Bassblockflöte
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Mike Lyons
This is a brand new and original piece for recorder ensemble. There are four movements, each titled for a season of the year. All the movements have dance-like attributes and are intended to represent not only the four seasons, but also four musical periods.

The third movement is the most overtly programmatic and is divided into four subsections according to which aspect of Autumn it is describing. (Morning mists and falling leaves; Rain and Wind; Slugs and Snails and Frogs; and, finally, Birds.

The first movement, Spring, is in the style of a Baroque dance movement. The Second, Summer, in the style of a Classical Gavotte. The final movement is in the style of a Gigue, but brought into the 20th/21st century.

Parts supplied are Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass Recorders
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