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Petite Suite Liturgique for organ

Klassische Musik/Instrumentalmusik • 2002

Petite Suite Liturgique for organ

Titel nach Uploader: Jean-Thierry Boisseau: Petite Suite Liturgique for organ

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Veni Creator, Pange Lingua, Ave Maris Stella, Victimae Paschali, chow does one dare, after
Grigny, Duruflé, Dupré, Tournemire, to composer, “à la française”, works using these
themes? My position is that these composers never intended that it be forbidden to write
such works after their own. Perhaps they even wished, by their excellant example, to
motivate those who came after them to be inspired by these themes. à s’y intéresser aussi.
In this work, I wanted to address an issue that Carson P. Cooman brought to my attention.
Composer-organists have written and more generally write virtuoso works, even if their
inspiration in liturgical. The typical Church organist is not usually a virtuoso by definitiion.
These organists are generally excellant musicians. If the Church Organist does not
improvise, he might find himself trapped in a repertoire which he can technically play, but
which usually remains in the domain of common-practice music. Modern music, which is
usually quite difficult, is usually not part of this repertoire.
In these seven pieces, I am thus proposing a contemporary alternative for Church musicians
to the usual repertoire of the past. These works are an evident evocation of the French Organ
School of the 20th century in an easier style. The pedal part is especially conceived in this
sense. These simple works may also serve as an introduction to improvising using Gregorian
These pieces are generally short, but there are numerous passages which may be repeated as
desired, generally indicated by a double bar. The registrations are desired, but allow the
performer to find the best solution with his own instrument. It is necessary, however, to have
an instrument with at least two keyboards.
The liturgical uses suggested by the subtitles are only propositions.
Jean-Thierry Boisseau
Table des Matières/Table of Contents
1. Pange Lingua (Tantum Ergo) - Choral - page 4
2. Ave Maris Stella - Méditation - page 8
3. Vexilla Regis - Communion - page 10
4. Victimae Paschali Laudes - Offertoire - page 12
5. Ave Colendas Trinitas - prélude non-mesuré - Sortie- page 15
6. O Filii - Alléluia - page 17
7. Veni Creator - Sortie - page 21
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