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Musica sanitatem No.3, MVWV 1222

Klassische Musik • 2018 • Alternativer Titel: Character 3

Musica sanitatem No.3

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Verkäufer Maurice Verheul
PDF, 196.9 Kb ID: SM-000337222 Datum des Uploads: 12 Jul 2018
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Maurice Verheul
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For Niels

This music which I call healing music. Is composed for those who need these notes to listen and come to rest; this kind of music is made for the soul. It's made to bring minds to peace and to restore the rest in your body. It is composed for 1 single person, its is a tailor-made work!
The Musica sanitatem is used ad sessions by Petra ter Weme and I composed it for parts of her sessions; Petra ter Weme is a therapist, holistic coaching and therapy. Her practice includes the following specialties:
trauma processing
overstrain and burnout complaints
relationship problems
crybabies, complaints after child delivery
autoimmune diseases
adhesion problems
depression and anxiety symptoms
As a highly sensitive person, want to learn how to deal with stimuli better
questions about career and personal development
questions about upbringing children
children with behavioral problems

About the composing proces

When I compose Healing music/ Musica sanitatem/ genezingsmuziek I try to connect with the one person I am working for and with and from the impression I get from this person I make this music, it comes natural to me----call it automatic writing;call it what you want...It is made to heal!!!
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