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Psalm 9 for Choir (3S-3A-3T-3B), MVWV 1262

Klassische Musik/Chormusik • 2019 • Texter: old sacred text

Psalm 9 for Choir (3S-3A-3T-3B)


Anbieter Maurice Verheul
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Mehman Huseynov (born 24 November 1992) is an Azerbaijani journalist and human rights activist. He was arrested in central Baku at around 8 pm local time on Monday 9 January 2017.He had recently posted pictures on the internet of luxury properties, which he claimed were owned by government officials.He has also claimed he was subsequently tortured.

Huseynov edits SANCAQ, a socio-political magazine, which uses social media. He also chairs the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) This is an Azerbaijani human rights organisation concenred with freedom of expression and freedom of information. Prior to his arrest he had launched a campaign, “Hunt for Corrupt Officials”. The purpose was to provide evidence of corruption amongst Azerbaijan's ruling establishment.

The day following his arrest he was tried in a closed session of the Nəsimi raion court and fined 200 manat (about 105 euro) for "disobedience to a lawful order by police officers". He subsequently received a visit from international doctors who stated his medical and psychological conditions were consistent with his claims of mistreatment. However, on 3 March 2017, he appeared at the Suraxanı raion where he was found guilty of “slander" and sentenced to two years imprisonment.
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