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Healing Story, for solo flute

Klassische Musik • 2021

Healing Story, for solo flute

14.99 USD

Verkäufer Bonnie McAlvin
PDF, 4.47 Mb ID: SM-000526617 Datum des Uploads: 08 Jul 2021
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Moveable Doors Publications
"Healing Story" was requested as healing music in commemoration of the anniversary of the global pandemic of 2020-2021. The piece was composed during late winter hiking, when the year’s many layers of snowfall were just beginning to melt. Streams of melting ice and snow were beginning to form—underneath the snow! The water could be heard burbling down the mountain, deep beneath the surface of the snow. The ice caverns that formed these conduits also acted as resonance chambers for the journeying groundwater, and much of Healing Story aims to capture the strange and beautiful resonance that such a cavern provides for a burbling stream. When a stream’s passageway inevitably melts to the ground, the stream escapes into open air and continues its descent above a saturated stream bed. In these places, an unbelievably iridescent green algae comes to line the path of the stream and escort it down the mountain.

Healing Story uses two extended techniques: timbral trill, and several multiphonics.
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