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Hungarian Folksongs, arranged for instruments in four parts, BB 42

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Hungarian Folksongs, arranged for instruments in four parts

Titel nach Uploader: Hungarian Folksongs, arranged for instruments in four parts – Score and Parts, BB 42

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Verkäufer Paul Burnell
PDF, 1.75 Mb ID: SM-000528581 Datum des Uploads: 07 Sep 2021
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Paul Burnell
Paul Burnell
Hungarian Folksongs (1906) BB 42 (Sz. 33), Béla Bartók, arranged by Paul Burnell for instruments in four parts

Download comprises both score and parts.

Duration 14:00

Score in C

The arrangement is suitable for multiple quartet combinations with parts available (and potential instrumentations suggested) as follows:

Part 1: C, Eb (Flute, Oboe, Alto Recorder, Eb Clarinet, Violin 1)
Part 2: C, Bb, G (Alto Flute, Oboe, Tenor Recorder, Bb Clarinet, Violin 2)
Part 3: C, Bb, Eb, F (Bb Clarinet, Bass Recorder, Alto Saxophone, Horn in F, Violin 3, Viola)
Part 4: C, Bb, F (Bassoon, Great bass Recorder, Tenor Saxophone, Horn in F, 'Cello)

Part 4 may be played an octave lower than written - using the 'Bass Clef up 8' part.

Any other appropriate instruments, even if not suggested above, may play.

The keys of the original compositions are retained in these arrangements.

Programme note:

In 1906 the Hungarian composers Béla Bartók (1881 – 1945) and Zoltán Kodály (1882 – 1967) published a collection of twenty Hungarian Folksong arrangements for voice and piano ('Magyar népdalok énekhangra és zongorára'). The first ten arrangements are by Bartók. The first song: 'Elindultam szép hazámból' ("I left my beautiful fatherland") came to be applied to Bartók himself after his self-imposed exile in the USA. The third and fourth movements are in two parts - the third movement presenting two versions of 'Fehér László', and the fourth movement containing two different songs - 'A gyulai kert alatt' and 'A kertmegi kert alatt'. In later editions, the fifth song - 'Ucca, ucca, ég az ucca' - was omitted, but is retained in these arrangements for instruments in four parts.

The titles of the ten songs by Bartók are:
1. Elindultam szép hazámbul / Far Behind I Left My Country
2. Által mennék én a Tiszán ladikon / Crossing the River
3a. Fehér László / The Horse-thief
3b. Fehér László / The Horse-thief
4a. A gyulai kert alatt / In the Summer Fields
4b. A kertmegi kert alatt / I Was in a Garden Green
5. Ucca, ucca, ég az ucca
6. Ablakomba, ablakomba / Deceived in Love
7. Száraz ágtól messze virít a rózsa / Love’s a Burden
8. Végigmentem a tárkányi / Walking Through the Town
9. Nem messze van ide kis Margitta / The Horseman
10. Szánt a babám / My Love Has Gone A-ploughing
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