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Moscow: Revival at the Red Square, Op.4 No.6

Klassische Musik/Zeitgenössisch • 2008 • Alternativer Titel: Москва: Возрождение в Красной Площади

Moscow: Revival at the Red Square

Moscow: Revival at the Red Square, Op.4 No.6: Moscow: Revival at the Red Square by Antonio Martinez

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Verkäufer Antonio Martinez
PDF, 2.17 Mb ID: SM-000072618 Datum des Uploads: 07 Jul 2011
Flöte, Piccoloflöte, Englischhorn, Geige, Bratsche, Cello, Kontrabass, Balalaika, Kleine Trommel, Bongos, Holzblock, Zither, Theremin
Partitur für
Großes Ensemble (9 oder mehr Musiker)
Art der Partitur
Antonio Martinez
The culmating piece showpieces the ordinary citizens receving a hero's welcome as they are greeted by digniatries, tourists, and even religious authorities as fireworks and celebrations commence at the Red Square. Here a period is dedicated to all the fallen comrades in the name of humanity who fought to preserves the sanctity of humanity. Nevertheless, it is still a festive mood as all nations and races partake in the celebration.

Although set in Moscow, the only Russian influence on this piece is that of Glinka, when the melody ascends chromatically. Most of the music in either Austrian or German-influenced. In fact, the opening measures are based on George Frederick Handel's Overture for the "Music of the Royal Fireworks." Three of J S Bach's Two-part overtures, No. 13, No. 14 and No. 15 were all incorporate in the melody, especially in the note pattern that made these works stand out. There is also an influence of Franz Josef Haydn's "The Heavens are Telling," when the melody goes into A-flat major.

However, the broken chord patterns prior to this passage were influenced from Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons." When the melody goes into 2/4, the march rhythm was inspired by Giuseppe Verdi "Triumphal March" in Aida. The melody used in the march was first written while I was still studying music theory as an assignment.
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