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The Fake Easy Piano Book (for beginners and semi-beginners)

Klassische Musik/Arrangement • Alternativer Titel: El engañoso libro de piano fácil

The Fake Easy Piano Book (for beginners and semi-beginners)

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OLC Barcelona Sheet Music
OLC Barcelona Sheet Music
That is the way OLC Barcelona Music offers to learn to play the piano: going through (some of) the greatest hits for piano BUT adapted to the skill of an average inexpert pianist. Those 9 pieces of music are all adapted for beginners on the piano, they are ordered from easier to harder, and the worst thing is that they sound like the real piece! You can listen to the sound sample of "Tristesse" and/or see parts of the scores, on the left.

Here is the list of the songs (ordered)

Mendelssohn’s Wedding March
Chopin’s Etude No.3 “Tristesse”
Joplin’s ragtime “The Entertainer”
Mancini’s Sonata No. 4
Tchaikovsky’s Sentimental Waltz
Bach’s Italian Concerto
Beethoven’s Sonata No.18 “The Hunt”
Pachelbel’s Canon in D - Jazz version (easy arrangement)

There is even more, we have a promotion. If you purchase "The Fake easy piano book" you get "The piano virtuoso" (Hanon) a 115 page excercise book for pianists FOR FREE.

Please contact us for any doubt or question olopcallmusic@hotmail.com
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