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The Fake Easy Piano Book (II)

Klassische Musik/Arrangement • Alternativer Titel: El engañoso libro de piano fácil

The Fake Easy Piano Book (II)

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OLC Barcelona Sheet Music
OLC Barcelona Sheet Music
We have finally released it: the greatest way to learn to play the piano!

Read our FAQ
- Why easy piano?
We have adapted known classical music for the piano. That means that we can play a work for full orchestra on the piano, and it also means that we won't find any technical difficulty, as those works are intended for BEGINNERS! Everyone can play this songs, adults or kids. It's a great method to learn to play the piano because the tunes are known by everybody and it's easier to play something you already know, so you learn reading and performing at the same time you practise real popular songs. They sound pretty much the same as the original work.
Forget about all this:
- Hey, I've heard you've learnt to play the piano. What songs can you play?
- Oh, well I know a song,... it's an etude, it's... yeah, kinda boring. I've tried with moonlight sonata but it's too difficult.
NO!! That is what should happen:
- Hey, I've heard you've learnt to play the piano. What songs can you play?
- Well, not much. Do you want me to play mozart turkish rondo, or maybe Elgar Pomp and circumstance? Well, I also know a theme of the Magic Flute and,... oh well I just learnt to play Chopin's military polonaise.
- What?
Exactly. If you think that this book may contain some really difficult scores, please have a look to the preview and see how the score and the book will look like.
- Why fake?
I told you! Because it allows you to be a fake advanced pianist. With basic knowledge of the instrument, you will look like a medium-skilled pianist or better!

- Can I buy single songs?
Sure. This is a value pack, if you buy all nine songs separately it will cost you twice more. You will find them in our sheet music catalogue! Above!

- Can I request a song for easy piano? For sure, we will consider your request and we'll give you a response.

- Are there more easy piano songs? YES! We already released our Fake easy piano book ONE. You will find it published in our website!

It includes: Air on the G string, German Hymn, Meditation (from Thaïs), Militaire Polonaise, Minuet in G, Plaisir d'amour, Pomp and circumstance, Rondo alla turca and The birdcatcher's song.
If you have any question or request please write to us at olopcallmusic@hotmail.com
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comments Yui 13 Nov 2011 23:08

Haha great FAQ! Great book aswell

comments Ali Turner 14 Sep 2011 21:07

This book is amazing and so is "the fake easy piano book I"! It will be very helpful for my adults students!


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