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Little Red Riding Hood

Film / TV / Show/Musical • Texter: Stephen DeCesare

Full score (with accompaniment tracks)

Titel nach Uploader: Little Red Riding Hood: the musical (with accompaniment tracks)

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100.00 USD

Verkäufer Stephen DeCesare
ZIP, 44.75 Mb ID: SM-000080142 Datum des Uploads: 19 Okt 2011
Klavier, Flöte, Trompete, E-Gitarre, Gemischter Chor, Stimme
Partitur für
Solisten, Klavierbegleitung, Chor
Art der Partitur
MTA Publishing
This musical version of the ever popular fairy tale has two endings: One, if the audience decides to forgive the wolf, the second, if the audience does not trust that the wolf will mend his ways.

Very entertaining and easy to produce. Children from elementary schools can be taught the chorus parts in 5 minutes so that those that want to be in the show, can be in the chorus singing along with the narrator.

Libretto, Score, Rehearsal and Performance Tracks are included with this purchase.

Accompaniment CD
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