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Contrasts for Euphonium or Trombone and Piano

Klassische Musik/Instrumentalmusik • 2009

Contrasts for Euphonium or Trombone and Piano

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Verkäufer Sy Brandon
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Klavier, Euphonium, Posaune
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Sy Brandon
Contrasts was commissioned in 2009 by John DelVento. The title came about as a result of the two contrasting sections, but as the piece progressed, it also reflects the contrasts of tessitura, articulation, dynamics, and sudden changes in musical ideas that occur. The first slow section is in ABA form with a cadenza at the end that leads to the Allegro. The Allegro section is in arch form (ABCBA) where the C section serves as a development of ideas from the A and B sections as well as introducing a new idea that is treated canonically. Bass and Treble clef solo parts are included.
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