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String quartet No.1

Klassische Musik/Kammermusik • 1995 • Alternativer Titel: String quartet in the octatonic mode

String quartet No.1

20.00 USD

Verkäufer David W Solomons
ZIP, 890.6 Kb ID: SM-000085047 Datum des Uploads: 27 Dez 2011
Geige, Bratsche, Cello
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David W Solomons
String quartet in Octatonic mode (except movement 3 in which the viola switches to Dorian while the rest stay in octatonic, creating a fascinating effect).
There are also a few cheeky quotes from the more classical modes, including a Cockney
"Have a banana" phrase in the viola part in various places
and the fourth (last) movement quoting a version of Rock a by baby
This has been performed on a few occasions to great effect (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNctKjXYZ8k for the first performance in 1997), but I have used an electronic preview of the first movement for the purposes of illustrating the piece here.

The zip file contains the scores and parts of all four movements.
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