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Other Names For Animals

Pop/Lied • 2010 • Texter: John Kilburn • Alternativer Titel: another title

Other Names For Animals


Anbieter John Kilburn
PDF, 185.8 Kb ID: SM-000086266 Datum des Uploads: 23 Jan 2012
Akustische Gitarre, E-Gitarre, Bassgitarre, Schlagzeug, Сomputergenerierter Klang
Art der Partitur
John Kilburn
John Kilburn
Here is a free lyric and chord sheet for the song. The chords are simplified in this sheet and do not exactly reflect what you hear in the recorded example.
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comments John Kilburn 17 Feb 2012 16:04

Thanks for the comment John. I took a listen to a few of your songs and left a comment there. Nice catalog.

comments John Lovell 16 Feb 2012 13:19

I really enjoyed this piece. It reminded of the 70's Jazz Rock band - Gentle Giant with a splashes of Alex Harvey and Hatfield & the North. Very entertaining.


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