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Gator Country (Molly Hatchet)


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“Gator Country” is a song from the first album by the American band Molly Hatchet. The album (of the same name - Molly Hatchet) was released in 1978 and was certified platinum by RIAA. It also appears in the Pop Albums Chart of 1979. “Gator country” is the second compositions on the tracklist (recorded by the band’s members Thomas, Hlubek and Holland). It is a southern rock/hard rock song.
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comments Marcus 12 Apr 2016 11:55

Perhaps the most memorable song on that album

comments Pamela 11 Jul 2014 14:14

I always loved this song. And guess what was playing in my ipod when I vent to visit the Everglades for the first time last year? :)