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2000 Decembers Ago

Geistliche Musik

Für Stimme und Klavier (oder Gitarre)

Druckbare Notendatei, 1 Kopie • 6 Seiten, ID: SM-000096738
Klavier, Stimme, Klassische Gitarre
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comments Alexis Springfield 26 Dez 2019 11:22

Here's a fairly easy accompaniment to learn and play! It's also good to sing along to with piano or guitar. More advanced performers can add a bit of improvising to the original score and make it even more interesting during Christmas holidays. It's cool to be able to purchase a score to the needed song separately, without having to buy the entire sheet music book with Christmas collections. To me, 2000 Decembers Ago is a wonderful means to create the magic atmosphere in December.

comments Andrew Poleman 12 Nov 2015 14:32

THAT's what I need for this year's Christmas time!

comments Dörte Timm 21 Jul 2014 14:22

ICH. LIEBE. DIESES. LIED. Ergreifend schöne, unvergessliche Melodie und wunderbarer Text - ein perfekter Weihnachtssong!

comments desperanza 30 Jun 2014 14:23

That's THE Christmas song! It's one of those that can convey the beauty of the festive and magical atmosphere of the Christmas time, oh I wish I had such a graceful voice to sing it too!