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Invite a friend, get a present!

Music Gifts

MusicaNeo is holding another gift-campaign that will last till March, 31. [PROLONGED UNTIL APRIL, 30]

The Idea

Is really simple! You invite a friend of yours to join MusicaNeo – and you get a special present in return.

The Steps
  • • You invite your friends to have a look at and join MusicaNeo
  • • Your friend registers
  • • He/she uploads at least one sheet music piece and gets it approved for publication
  • • You and your friend receive a present from us!

The Invitation
To save you some time, simply use the special invite-a-friend form in your profile area –

The Present
Choose one of these three special sheet music collections on DVD:

  • 1. “100 Popular Easy Piano Pieces”
  • 2. “100 Popular Choral Works”
  • 3. “100 Popular Arias”

After you have invited a friend, send us a short note through the site’s contact form. Type in the letter body only:

  • your friend’s name and e-mail address
  • one of the DVD titles above that you’d like to have or would like to give away yourself as a present


The Bonus Competition
To add some spice, we are conducting a competition amongst the “inviters”. The three of you who invite the biggest number of friends until March 31, get additional rewards on their prepaid account and will be highlighted in April’s newsletter.

1st prize - $300
2nd prize - $100
3rd prize - $50

On the 1st of April we will declare the results of the competition and award the winners.

Join in!

Bonus Competition CLOSED.

Congratulations to our winners:
1st - Classical sheet music
2nd - Xanna
3rd - SergejLeem