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If you are looking for a vacancy or cooperation, you would like to take part in interesting creative projects together with other member-musicians of MusicaNeo community – our catalogue of music jobs and vacancies will definitely help you in this search. Here you can publish your advertisement about the services you offer or post a resume. Interested users can get in touch with you through the special contact form at your personal website at MusicaNeo.

Posting vacancies in the MusicaNeo job catalogue is a free service. Modern Internet technologies help to find employees in different countries of the world.

You can publish your ad in all the four language versions of our music portal – English, Russian, German and Portuguese. In order to see the text of the advertisement in other languages simple choose the needed language version of the site in the top right corner.

According to many surveys, interesting work and the satisfaction from results is what matters most to the majority of people. If you truly like your job, the pay plays a secondary role. That is why there is no need to hurry with the choice – invest more effort into looking for the most interesting and promising alternatives of employment. If you feel that fortune has turned its back on you and you can’t seem to find what you’d really like, remember the words of Coco Chanel: “Everything is in your hands, so never pull them down!”