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Professional Musician & Lecturer DR LYDIA BUTTIGIEG, Malta 10 Jun 2021

Douglas Mendez Douglas Méndez, France 28 Feb 2021

A set of notes, creating audio phonograms George Gachechiladze, Georgia 18 Jan 2021

Michael J Regan Michael Regan, United Kingdom 23 Oct 2020

Resume Lucas Narciso, Brazil 27 Jun 2020

I Restore Old Music Scores and Music Books Cody Weinmann 04 Jun 2020

Music Engraver Ted Labow, United States of America 27 Apr 2020

Alesya Kudina Alesia Kudzina, Poland 09 Apr 2020

Harmony scales (R&B , jazz, soul) Ivan Kuhar, Ukraine 28 Mar 2020

Composer, transcriber. Jesús Rubén Navarrete Rodríguez, Mexico 05 Mar 2020

Composer, Arranger, Engraver, Transcriber Bernard Okoh, Nigeria 26 Dec 2019

Online Distance Lessons for Piano, Voice, Composition Here! Cody Weinmann, United States of America 31 Aug 2019

COMPOSER Yaroslav Knyazev, Russia 19 Aug 2019

Transcriber Selmer1980, Ukraine 12 Jun 2019

Transcriber, Arranger, Composer Dov Rosenschein, United States of America 03 May 2019

Taras Kutsenko Taras Kutsenko, China 18 Feb 2019

Professor of Music, composer, conductor, soloist James Knox, United States of America 07 Feb 2019

Keyboard Player and Singer of Popular Music 1940s-Present Pasquale Nappo, United States of America 21 Oct 2018

Orchestration, arranging Franklin Stöver, United States of America 25 Aug 2018

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